How to Get In Shape This New Year | The Simplest Approach to Getting Healthy and Fit in 2022

Do You Want to Work on Your Health and Fitness As A New Years Resolution?

Your goal(s) may be to:

  • Lose (x) amount of Weight
  • Get Stronger
  • Have more energy to keep up with your kids
  • Be able to play sports again recreationally
  • Take up a new activity
  • Improve Overall Fitness and Wellness

Whatever your goals are, you need a Game Plan to approach this year with, so you can make progress all year long.  

"New Year. New Me"

It’s always the start of the year when your motivation and clarity of your goals are most present in your awareness.

A lot of the times I myself and people I’ve had the chance to work with have new health and fitness goals for the new year.  

So you dive in and do well for a couple of weeks, then something brings you to a halt. 

Maybe it’s a dip in “motivation” or an event(s) happen and it throws you out of that flow or rhythm of actions. 

Something I’ve found to be useful for never falling off course is:

Approaching the year with a Game Plan that revolves around your desires/goals.

The Game-Plan contains the individual steps that it’s gonna take to move closer to your goals every day. 

Having an overall game plan in your awareness gives you a structured approach to achieving your goal of getting fit this new year.

That structure is important because it helps keep you on the right track. 

Here's a simple way to plan your strategy

Your Overall Game Plan are sets of habits and practices that revolve around these areas of your life.

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Consistency
  • Try to think of simple changes you can make in your life, that support growth in these areas.


    Don’t let nutrition intimidate you. It doesn't mean you're going to have to cut out all carbs, cookies, and ice cream. Getting your nutrition right this year can be made simple by switching your awareness on key principles:

    • Calorie Intake: It's important to be aware of How Many Calories You Should Be Eating. This will give you the control of what your body does throughout the year. 
    • Protein Intake: This will ensure you’re keeping your body nourished and repaired
    • Whole Nutrient Dense Foods: This will help give your body a good amount of micro-nutrients


    What types of workouts do you want to incorporate this year? Whether you want to start: walking, running, weightlifting, martial arts, etc. 

    Planning out what you want to do and how many times during the week, will help you start dedicating time out of the week. 

    • Training Schedule: How many days per week are you going to be more active?
    • Workout Plan: What are you going to do for a workout? Do you need a workout program or gym membership?


    The best way to stay consistent is to adopt a Day to Day Mentality and Plan for Adjustments.

    Day to day mentality: Be completely present with your daily actions and make sure they align with the goals you have set. Look at consistency as a process of integration. You’re integrating new habits into every day life. Habits that drive you to the goal. To do that effectively you got to take it one day at a time.

    This will help you continually make progress throughout the year.

    Adjustment Plans: These are different choices you can make when you need to adapt. Having adjustment plans can help you get back in the flow of maintaining better habits that are aligned to your goal. 

    • Nutrition ex. If I eat way over calories one day, ill make sure I maintain a deficit on the following days.
    • Training ex. If I miss my workout on Monday ill make sure I do it on another day this week.

    Often times, if a day is missed it can cause a snowball effect in the days following. Preparing adjustments, will help keep the feeling of overwhelm and quitting, out of your awareness.

    Take it slow.
    Keep it simple.

    Don't over complicated the process with training "hacks" and fad diets. 

    Focus on the simple day to day actions and trust the process.

    Be completely present with the principles and the process of integrating your new habits until it becomes natural for you. 

    Hope this helps you out! Happy new year!

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